It’s All House Music

Every second Thursday of the month

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Donderdag 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

It's All House Music

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Every electronic dance record has its roots in the original house records from way back. So “It’s All House Music” and that’s what you’ll hear in his show on

Every second Thursday of the month he will take you on a journey within the spectrum we can call HOUSE. So, tunes from the 90s, 00s, the now and the near future. It can be featured in one of the live episodes on From house to hardcore, he plays it all and every month you can expect something different.

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It’s All House Music crew

Mitch got addicted to housemusic in the 90’s at the age of 12. 2 years later started to DJ and saved all his cash to buy his first turntables, which he still has. Starting out with buying trance, eurodance, club and other housemusic. But then he was drawn into the harder side of dancemusic. Through […]

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