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Wieteke van Bladel alias DJ Rossa has been performing as a DJ since 1998. Inspired by other DJs, producers and club nights, she always knows how to create a cheerful atmosphere with her groovy funky house, disco, techhouse and funky techno sound. In addition to performances in clubs, DJ-cafés
and at parties, Rossa has started organizing house and techno events since 2020. Like State of Love Events (Aknathon) and Trinity Chronic (Crane Hotel Feralda, NSDM Amsterdam). Trinity Chronic stands for timeless and recurring. Connecting people from all over the world. Sharing and dancing on the best quality electronic music together. By weekly on Thursdays from 6-8pm, she hosts a Trinity Chronic Electronic Live Stream radio show on DHC.FM. Located at the Amsterdam Dutch House Collective (DHC) DJ Studio in Amsterdam (www.DHC.FM). At Trinity she invites talented DJs and producers to play a Techhouse – Techno set. Mixed with Vinyl, Digital or Exclusive Live Sets. More info to be found on:

Whether digital or with vinyl DJ Rossa is an artist who can mix everything together. Well known in the nightlife of Amsterdam and can be found behind the desk at various organizations for years. With her unique style and rousing character, it is not only a pleasure to listen to her.

Every other week she hosts her own show Trinity Cronics at DHC where she has invited many guests to join her.


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