Jaydee / Ambassador

In 1992, under the pseudonym JayDee he released the hit “Plastic Dreams”, which reached number-one on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The song, an instrumental, featured a prominent Hammond organ-style synthesizer melody, played in a jazzy, improvised manner. “Plastic Dreams” continues to be remixed and re-released today, mostly on unsolicited white labels. The track made the UK Singles Chart on two occasions; firstly, in September 1997 when it reached number 18, and again in January 2004, when it reached number 35. With this big hit, Albers decided to create his own record label, First Impression.

We are also proud that Robin is also one of the ambassadors for DHC.FM. With his Jaydee Invites we organize every other month a private party from our studio in Lijnden.

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